Please note the following changes to weigh-in times


Minors : 8.00 - 8.45

Pre-Cadets : 11.00 - 12.00


Cadets :    7:30 - 8:15

Juniors : 11:30 - 12:00

Weigh-in will take place in the warm-up arena.


This is an inspirational step for C2, combining with BJA London Area, to hopefully bring a new level of competition, unlike any other that has taken place in the UK previously. Both Carl and myself are making use of the international contacts that we have built over the years, this should include Eastern Europe and quite possibly Japan.

This Tournament is aimed at Minors, Pre cadets, Cadets & Juniors.

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Using our experience from running the C2 International Camp in Tonbridge, we felt it was time to expand and offer a wider range of judo training to all judoka in the UK.

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Our Venue

Sports Dock is part of the University of East London and boasts a broad range of sports facilities and activities. The sports dock is a fantastic indoor sports hall with wooden sprung floors ideal for Judo and a lot more sports.

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